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Your First MVC 6 And EF 7 Application
In Part 1 of this series you created and configured a basic project using ASP.NET MVC 6. Although the project runs as expected and outputs a message in the browser, it isn't database driven yet. In this part we will add database support to the project in the following ways:
  • Display a list of customers from the Northwind database
  • Allow for modification of existing customers
  • Provide basic validation capabilities

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Cheating your way to VS 2015 Shortcut Cheatsheats
I can't believe I've never blogged about this project from Mads Kristensen. I spend a good 30+ minutes going through all my post resources, looking for past posts on this. Yet nothing. What was I thinking?

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Value Object Design Pattern in C#
In this blog, we will understand how to implement Value object design pattern in C#. Value object is an object whose equality is based on the value rather than identity. Let us understand the above statement with more clarity. When you create two objects and even if their values are the same, they represent different entities.

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Essential .NET – C# Exception Handling
Welcome to the inaugural Essential .NET column. It’s here where you’ll be able to follow all that is happening in the Microsoft .NET Framework world, whether it’s advances in C# vNext (currently C# 7.0), improved .NET internals, or happenings on the Roslyn and .NET Core front (such as MSBuild moving to open source).

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Trace your Application Insights events inside Visual Studio Diagnostic tools
In Visual Studio, can get a detailed of the Application Insights events while you are debugging. To use this functionality, open the Diagnostic Tools window (Debug -> Diagnostic Tools). Along with other events, Application Insights events also trace inside the diagnostic tool.

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Using Angular.js with Bower and Require.js in Visual Studio
Modern client-side application development demands modularity. Client-side modularity is required to achieve separation of logic from the UI. To implement this modularity, we usually use an MVC or MVVM framework to manage separate layers (in separate JavaScript files) for Models, Controllers, Modules, Services etc. AngularJS is a great framework for implementing client-side modularity with MVC support.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Updates to Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks Preview

We just released Beta4 of ASP.NET WebHooks Preview with a nice set of new features based on feedback and help from the community! Always let us know what you think – either by raising a issue on GitHub or pinging me on twitter. You can get the update from by looking for the packages under Microsoft.AspNet.WebHooks.*. If you haven’t heard about ASP.NET WebHooks then you may want to look at Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks Preview. Read more

Glimpse Part 1 – Easy Debugging ASP.NET MVC Application

With increasing business demands now we develop very large and complex ASP.NET projects that take more time to compile and debug. And whenever QA reports any issue, we need to compile and debug the code with exact scenario. Then only we figure out the debugging information like which route, controller, model, view, class and DB queries with parameter values that help us in finding the root cause of an issue. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Thanks for a great MVP Global Summit!

Thank you to all the MVPs who converged on Microsoft World Headquarters last week to make this the biggest and one of the best MVP Global Summits ever! Read more

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