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Articles we enjoyed

Git Cheat Sheet for TFS Users
More and more of my TFS consulting customers are interested in Git. If you’re used to a centralized version control system like Team Foundation Server Version Control (TFVC), it can be a little tricky to make the move to Git — not because it’s all that hard — mostly because the terminology is completely different. So, are you a TFVC user who needs to wrap your head around Git? Here’s a little cheat sheet for you.

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Automating Deployment on Azure Web Apps
In today’s agile development teams we require more than the old deployment methods like FTP or WebDeploy where one member had the “Deploy” task on the delivery pipeline. I’ll go as far as to say that an automated integration and deployment strategy is a necessity to any team that wants to focus on what really matters, writing code and building products.

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The Easiest Way to Share Code: NuGet
You want to use a DLL in multiple projects (it's even possible that other developers at your company might find your DLL helpful). The easiest way to distribute and deploy that DLL, or any other combination of files, is with NuGet. Really.

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Entity Framework EF 3.5 vs EF 4 vs EF 5 vs EF6
In this article, we will learn: What is Entity Framework? What all are the new features in Entity Framework?

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Videos we favorited

The Future of Microsoft Tools and Services for the New Role of Developers

The role of the developer is dramatically changing in today's world, and so is Microsoft. A year ago we started the journey for a new Microsoft for developers, unveiling the future of an open source .NET on Linux and Mac, and a free Visual Studio for targeting any device and any OS. In this keynote full of announcements and demos, Scott Guthrie will show the next steps of the Microsoft transformation with development tools and services that help developers be successful in this new world.

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Introducing ASP.NET 5 and Web Tooling

ASP.NET 5 has been re-imagined from the ground up to provide a faster development experience, best in class performance, full side-by-side support, and cross platform support for Linux and Mac. In this video, Scott Hunter gives an overview of what's new in ASP.NET 5 and provides a short demo of the new tooling inside of Visual Studio 2015

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Working with GitHub from Visual Studio 2015

In addition to the well-known tools for Windows, Azure and Web development, Visual Studio 2015 ships several tools and libraries for open source and cross-platform development. This includes GitHub Extension – a Visual Studio add-in for integrating IDE with GitHub to provide an access to your Git repositories and common operations like clone, branch, and pull requests from within of Visual Studio. Read more

Announcing Visual Studio Code Beta

Today at the Connect(); 2015 event in New York, we announced the release of Visual Studio Code Beta.  You can download it right now from This is the most significant release since the launch of the initial Preview on 28th April and we have a number of exciting announcements to share with you. Read more

Announcing .NET Core and ASP.NET 5 RC

Today, we are announcing .NET Core and ASP.NET 5 Release Candidate, supported on Windows, OS X and Linux. This release is "Go Live", meaning you can deploy apps into production and call Microsoft Support if you need help. Please check out theAnnouncing ASP.NET 5 RC blog post to learn more about the updates to ASP.NET 5. Read more

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