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Articles we enjoyed

Scaling Across Platforms and Devices with Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio
Recently I spoke with Scott Atherton, president of the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), which is based in Daytona Beach, FL. Atherton explained to me how IMSA has used Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio to create an engaging app experience that scales across platforms, devices, and services. Here are some key takeaways from our conversation and a video interview with the IMSA team.

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Building a Code Analyzer for the Roslyn Analyzer Project
With the official release of Visual Studio 2015 this summer, code analyzers have started to get a lot of attention. Analyzers allow companies and individuals to enforce a given set of rules within a code base. Broadly speaking there are two kinds of analyzers: · Analyzers that enforce coding styles and best practices. · Analyzers that guide individuals using a third party library.

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Reactive Autonomous States
In web applications, Reactive Extensions and RxJS can be viewed as "lodash for asynchronous collections", it offers powerful functional constructs and operators to reduce the complexities when web application features scales with the asynchronous nature of web. It also changes programming model from “pull” to “push”, conceptually unifies the data model and behavior across async-array and events, enables effective data transformation with data streams, ultimately simplifies application state management logic with a cleaner approach.

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What’s in iOS 9 for C# Developers?
At the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference in September, the company introduced the first public beta of iOS 9 (as well as the first beta of OS X El Capitan). Xamarin got access to beta copies of iOS 9 at the same time as every other company, but almost immediately, Xamarin followed up the Apple announcements by making available Xamarin.iOS 9 and Xamarin Studio 6, which adds iOS 9 support.

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Videos we favorited

A First Look at Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Today's episode of Data Exposed welcomes to the studio Stuart Padley, Group Program Manager in SQL Engineering, and Miso Cilimdzic, Principal Software Engineering Manager to give us a first look at Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft's fully-managed, scalable, data warehouse service.

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Introducing Visual Studio Dev Essentials

Visual Studio Dev Essentials is a new free developer offering from Microsoft. A free membership to this program gives you access to a range of benefits including developer tools and services, training and support.

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Riding the Modern Web: 5 things to consider as a web developer

Every day millions of users are commuting on the electronic highway. For you as a web developer you want to ensure that your website is adapted to the needs of the modern user and that you're not putting up road blocks, forcing users to take side roads.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Breakpoint Generator Extension

As developers, we are often confronted with existing, potentially large codebases that we have never seen before but are asked to make changes in. It can be a class library received from a colleague or a complete application downloaded from GitHub to reuse or extend. However, before we can start making changes to the code, we need to understand the existing flow of the application. Where does it start, what are the public entry points to the different assemblies that are part of the application solution and so on. Read more

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