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Articles we enjoyed

Securing ASP.NET Web API using Token Based Authentication and using it in Angular.js application
ASP.NET Web API can be accessed over Http by any client using the Http protocol. Typically, in a Line of Business (LOB) application, using Web API is a standard practice now-a-days. This framework enables data communication in JSON format (by default) and hence helps in lightweight communication. Since the Web API adoption is increasing at a rapid pace, there is a serious need for implementing security for all types of clients trying to access data from Web API services. One of the most preferred mechanism is to authenticate client over HTTP using a signed token.

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Getting Started with .NET and Docker
Docker lets you build and run apps, more quickly, with less hardware. That’s why application container technology (and Docker in particular) is so popular. You can run hundreds of containers on a server which could only run a handful of VMs, and containers are fast to deploy and can be versioned like the software they run. If you work in the Microsoft space, you might think containers are The Other Guy’s technology (think LAMP, Node or Java), but actually you can run .NET apps in Docker containers today. In this post, I’ll show you how.

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Exploring the new .NET «dotnet» Command Line Interface (CLI)
I've never much like the whole "dnvm" and "dnu" and "dnx" command line stuff in the new ASP.NET 5 beta bits. There's reasons for each to exist and they were and they have been important steps, both organizationally and as aids to the learning process. My thinking has always been that when a new person sits down to learn node, python, ruby, golang, whatever, for the most part their experience is something like this. It should be just as easy - or easier - to use .NET.

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Videos we favorited

Creating fluid and beautiful UI using the new Visual Layer

One of the major new capabilities for developers in Windows 10 version 1511 is the final release of Windows.UI.Composition. This was in preview in the 10240 SDK but has now reached full release in this new update. Unleash your creativity and explore new possibilities to visually bring your application to life! Learn how to utilize new light-weight Visuals, Animations, Effects, and Manipulations to easily create smooth and highly scalable UI experiences spanning Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. Whether you're a XAML or DX developer, learn how you can use the new family of Windows.UI.Composition APIs in your apps.

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