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Image Free ebook: Microsoft Azure Essentials Fundamentals of Azure

We’re happy to announce the release of our newest free ebook, Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure (ISBN 9780735697225), by Michael S. Collier and Robin E. Shahan. This is the first ebook in Microsoft Press’s free Microsoft Azure Essentials series. Future ebooks will cover specific Azure topics, such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure Automation, and others.

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Articles we enjoyed

Now what do I do? Next steps after signing up for an Azure Trial.
With the expanse of what Microsoft Azure can do – it can be daunting to roll up your sleeves and get started without further guidance. Let me get you on the fast track for learning what is possible in a way that is both simple to understand and relevant to what you are doing now. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Learn these 10 core skills for Enterprise Mobility to future proof your enterprise
With a new version of Windows coming down the pipe, Microsoft have started to release information about some of the key technologies you need to know a little more about. Those technologies aren’t just key to helping your users have an amazing Windows experience though. No matter what device they use these core skills for enterprise mobility will help all your users have a better experience.

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Using ASP.NET 5, Angular.js and Entity Framework 7 Beta for building a Business Application
Visual Studio 2015 Preview comes with new ASP.NET 5 templates for application development. If you haven’t used these templates earlier, check out my previous article Unified ASP.NET 5 - Using MVC 6, WEB API and Entity Framework 7 in an Application. The new templates come with many enhancements including Project.json where we can specify project dependencies, and config.json to define application level information e.g. Database connection string etc. In this article, we will be using ASP.NET 5 for developing a business application which will make use of SQL Server Database, EntityFramework 7.0.0 beta, Angular.js, etc.

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New ways to quickly create a Code Map
Code Maps, previously known as Directed Graph Documents, are a great way to visualize the relationships and interdependencies between the components of your applications. They make it much easier to understand the architecture of your (or, even more useful, somebody else’s) application, and where you should start when you need to update the application. Code Maps are a core part of the features of Visual Studio that help you to visualize and get insights about code.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Announcing Limited Preview for Visual Studio Online Code Search

Today we are unveiling a limited preview of our new Code Search feature on Visual Studio Online.  Code Search enables you to quickly and easily search across your entire account and find matches using your web browser.  Not only can you perform full text matching but for some languages, like C#,  C and C++, and additional ones in the future, it understands the structure of your code and allows you to search for specific contexts, like class definitions, comments, properties, etc. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Developing Advanced 2D Games with HTML5

Want to create a 2D game, using your HTML5 skills, familiar libraries, and the power of the cloud? Or add to what you learned in Developing 2D Games with HTML5? Making a "code once, deploy everywhere" multi-player 2D game with HTML5 is possible (and fun)! Join popular experts Mickey MacDonald and Bryan Griffiths, as they continue their quest to do just that. Read more

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