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Introducing the IIS Administration API
The IIS team has been working on a new RESTful API to manage your IIS configuration. While still under development, the team was eager to share a preview of the new API. The API allows configuration of IIS resources such as authorization rules, modules, and applications.

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Articles we enjoyed

.NET Core RC2 – Improvements, Schedule, and Roadmap
You all want .NET Core 1.0 RC2, you want a schedule, and you want to go live. Today we’ve got a schedule to share plus some changes that will improve things for everyone in the .NET Community going forward.

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Introducing The NuGet Beta Channel
Today, we would like to introduce you to the NuGet Beta Channel for the Visual Studio 2015 NuGet Package Manager.

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Continuous Deployment of Service Fabric Apps using VSTS (or TFS)
Azure’s Service Fabric is breathtaking – the platform allows you to create truly “born in the cloud” apps that canreally scale. The platform takes care of the plumbing for you so that you can concentrate on business value in your apps. If you’re looking to create cloud apps, then make sure you take some time to investigate Service Fabric.

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Simplify Code with the Visitor Pattern
In an earlier column I discussed how inheritance can let you use simple code to solve a complicated problem. In that column I outlined how inheritance can simplify the code required to handle two products with different pricing schemes. But then, like life in a Thomas Hardy novel, I pointed out that things can get worse. It turns out that your company, in addition to having two kinds of products (products and services) also has two types of customers: PremiumCustomers and TypicalCustomers. PremiumCustomers get a 10 percent discount on Products and TypicalCustomers aren't allowed to buy ServiceProducts at any price.

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Videos we favorited

A Lap Around R Tools for Visual Studio

Do you have data to analyze? Do you want to create a predictive model? Do you want to do it quickly, interactively, and with cutting-edge visualizations? Do you want to leverage the work of the world’s best statisticians and machine-learning experts by using their libraries? Oh, and do you love Visual Studio? If so, you don’t want to miss this session, where I’ll take you on a tour of the R language, some key libraries, and how you can build and debug an app – all using our latest tooling for R: R Tools for Visual Studio.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Tooling to Facilitate Framework Migrations

In this recent post, Taylor introduced the .NET Framework Compatibility Diagnostics, a set of Roslyn-based code analyzers for detecting when an app is likely to encounter compatibility issues between two versions of the .NET Framework. This article gives a little behind-the-scenes look into why we chose to use Roslyn for those tools and the benefits Roslyn gives compared to just walking IL. Read more

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