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Books we recommend

Save 40% on Microsoft Press Best Practices Series through June 4, 2016: use code BESTDEV

The Best Practices for Developers series makes the knowledge of experts—industry leaders, professors, acknowledged authorities in the field—available to all.

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Free ebook: Microsoft Azure Essentials Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure

We’re happy to announce the availability of our newest free ebook, Microsoft Azure Essentials Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure, by Carl Rabeler. Enjoy! Part of the “Microsoft Azure Essentials” series, this ebook helps SQL Server database users understand Microsoft’s offering for SQL Server in Azure. Learn how SQL Server in Azure is similar to SQL Server in an on-premises environment, and how they are different. The author, a content lead for, walks you through the steps of getting started with SQL Server in an Azure virtual machine and with Azure SQL Database.

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Articles we enjoyed

Install ASP.NET Core RC2 And Create «Hello ASP.NET Core» Application
If you are tracking the progress of ASP.NET Core 1.0 (formerly ASP.NET 5) you are probably aware that Microsoft has announced the availability of RC2.

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ASP.NET MVC Model Binding with C# 6
I usually struggle over ASP.NET MVC Model Binding mechanics. With this blog post I try to bring some light to the topic and show you how you can use C# 6 to strengthen your ASP.NET MVC Model Binding capabilities.

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IP Filtering in ASP.NET Web API
One of the functionalities I had to use fairly often on different ASP.NET Web API projects that I was involved in in the past was IP filtering – restricting access to the whole API, or to parts of it, based on the caller’s IP address. I thought it might be useful to share this here. More after the jump.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

RavenDB 3.5 beta is out!

RavenDB 3.5 has been in development for over two years, and we finally get to see it taking its first steps out the gate. Read more

Announcing .NET Core RC2 and .NET Core SDK Preview 1

Today, we are announcing the release of .NET Core RC2. You can use it to build ASP.NET Core, console apps and class libraries for Windows, OS X and Linux. RC2 is a major update from the November RC1 release, including new APIs, performance and reliability improvements and a new set of tools. Read more

Announcing Entity Framework Core RC2

Entity Framework (EF) Core is a lightweight, extensible, and cross-platform version of Entity Framework. Today we are making Entity Framework Core RC2 available. This coincides with the release of .NET Core RC2 and ASP.NET Core RC2. Read more

Introducing a new, advanced Visual C++ code optimizer

We are excited to announce the preview release of a new, advanced code optimizer for the Visual C++ compiler backend. It provides many improvements for both code size and performance, bringing the optimizer to a new standard of quality expected from a modern native compiler. Read more

Macros extension: VS 2015 support and open-sourced

Macros have always been popular, first as part of the product, and now as an extension. In response to your feedback we have upgraded the Macros for Visual Studio 2013 extension to be compatible with Visual Studio 2015. You can download the upgraded extension from the Visual Studio Gallery. Read more

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