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Articles we enjoyed

The path from a desktop app to a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app
We are excited to announce that since then we’ve released a new version of the desktop app converter, adding support for great new features and fixing several issues to provide a more stable environment. Today, we will follow up with a walkthrough of a concrete coding example that takes an existing desktop app and gradually migrates and enhances it with the Desktop Bridge into a full Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that can run on all Windows 10 devices—such as Xbox One, HoloLens, phones, et cetera—and take full advantage of the platform.

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On the Road to Release: Redesigning Visual Studio Installation
For those of you who have been closely tracking the progress of our next release of Visual Studio (codenamed Visual Studio “15”), you’ll know that one of our big product release themes is installation and update. We are refactoring our installation to be smaller by default, faster and more reliable, and easier to manage.

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A Peek into .NET Open Source Contributions
During the dotNetConf virtual conference, Scott Hanselman shared a map and some charts that were constructed based on participation in Microsoft owned GitHub repositories.

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CQRS and REST: the perfect match
In many of my applications, the UI and API gravitate towards task-oriented UIs. Instead of “editing an invoice”, I “approve an invoice”, with specialized models, behaviors and screens just for accomplishing that task. But what happens when we move from a server-side application to one more distributed, to be accessed via an API?

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Videos we favorited

.NET Goes Open Source… and You Can Too!

Much has been made of the open-source approach to developing the latest version of the .NET framework and tools.  What does that mean for me and my organization?  Can I really use these tools without some licensing gotcha?  We'll review the licensing details in terms so that mere mortals can understand them.  We'll then turn it around and show you how you can get involved with .NET by contributing to an existing project or even starting your own.  Microsoft's Maria Naggaga and Jeff Fritz will break down everything you need to know to use and contribute to the new .NET ecosystem.

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Visual Studio Enterprise: Advanced Features

Can Visual Studio Enterprise simplify your work? Whether you’re working on greenfield software development projects or with legacy code, the answer is yes.

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Developer Productivity: What’s New in C# 6

Are you a C# Developer who wants to be more productive? We've got good news! The latest and greatest features in C# can help.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

General availability of Azure DevTest Labs – VSTS extension

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the general availability of Azure DevTest Labs. As part of the announcement we introduced the preview of Azure DevTest Labs – VSTS extension. Today, we are delighted to announce the general availability (GA) of the extension. Read more

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