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Articles we enjoyed

Getting started with F# on .NET Core
This article covers how you can get started with using F# on .NET Core with the ..NET Core SDK 1.0 Preview 2. It will go through building a multi-project solution with a Class Library, a Console App, and an xUnit test project.

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Essential .NET – Visual Studio 2015 with .NET Core Tooling
.NET Core RC2 is finally here, and this time it is, in fact, a true “Release Candidate” rather than an RC1 Beta masquerading as a release candidate (if that, considering all the changes that happened after it came out).

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Exploring dotnet new with .NET Core
I'm very enjoying the "dotnet" command line. Mostly I do "dotnet new" and then add to the default Hello World app with the Visual Studio Code editor. Recently, though, I realized that the -t "type" and -l "lang" options are there and I wasn't use them.

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7 Ways to Look at the Values of Variables While Debugging in Visual Studio
When you are running your code and something is behaving unexpectedly, how do you find out what is going wrong? When I was in school the first way I learned how to debug a wonky application was by sticking “print()” statements all over the place, running my code, and looking back through the log of output seeing if I noticed that something looked wrong. Then if I wanted to look at the value of another variable I would have to add a new “print()” statement, recompile, and re-run the application again. This can be a tedious process, so I am pleased to tell you there is a better way than littering your code with a slew of “print()” statements you’ll have to remove later. You can use the tools of the Visual Studio debugger to inspect variables on the fly.

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Using dependency injection with view components
On ASP.NET Core view components support dependency injection. We can use some DI/IoC container but we can also go with framework level dependency injection. This blog post explains how dependency injection works with view components and as an example I show you some code I’m using for top menu of my demo site.

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Visual Studio ‘15’ Preview 3 for C# and Visual Basic
One of our major focuses in Visual Studio ‘15′ is improving developer productivity inside the editor. As we develop, we all perform series of actions over and over again–like writing methods, renaming variables, changing method signatures, implementing interfaces, etc. Our goal is to help automate or reduce these tasks to a single click so that you can focus on logic rather than syntax, references, style, and formatting. You may have noticed each Visual Studio ‘15’ release enhances existing experiences to save you a little more time and effort and enables you to build faster with additional refactorings and code generation.

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Videos we favorited


Dive into the world of ASP.NET MVC and learn how to build easy-to-maintain web applications with the MVC design pattern and ASP.NET Core.

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Windows 10: App Patterns and Navigation

In this Windows 10 developer training video, investigate common UI patterns. Plus, see how to implement navigation methods in your Windows 10 apps.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Xamarin – Working with Local Databases in Xamarin.Forms Using SQLite

More often than not, applications work with data. This is true not only for desktop and Web applications, but also for mobile apps. Read more

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