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Articles we enjoyed

I’ve been using HttpClient wrong for years and it finally came back to bite me. My site was unstable and my clients furious, with a simple fix performance improved greatly and the instability disapeared.

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Keeping a Clean Startup.cs in Asp.Net Core
In some applications the Configure and ConfigureServices methods of Startup.cs can become unwieldy. It’s not complicated logic, but with all the middleware and services and options to configure, the methods become long and messy.

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Getting started with Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET
Last week, we introduced new tools and client libraries for .NET developers to integrate with Google Cloud Platform, including Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET, a set of new client libraries that provide an idiomatic way for .NET developers to interact with GCP services. In this post, we'll explain what it takes to install the new client libraries for .NET in your project.

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ASP.NET Core – Real-World ASP.NET Core MVC Filters
Filters are a great, often underutilized feature of ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC. They provide a way to hook into the MVC action invocation pipeline, which makes them great for pulling common repetitive tasks out of your actions.

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July Update for the Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension
At //Build this year we launched the C/C++ extension for Visual Studio Code, with this July update to the extension we would like to thank all of you who have tried out the C/C++ extension in Visual Studio Code and have already provided rich feedback on your experiences and filed issues and requests with us.

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TFS “15” RC1 is available
Today we released Team Foundation Server 15 Release Candidate 1. This is a “go-live” release, fit for production use and supported by our support team.

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Videos we favorited

ASP.NET Core 1.0 on Cloud 9

Douglas Starnes has a tutorial video on how to run ASP.NET Core on Cloud9.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue


Today, it’s our pleasure to announce that Unity 5.5 beta is available for all users. We encourage you to download it and try out the many new and improved features on your project. Don’t forget to backup your projects first though – it’s a beta! Read more

Getting Started with ASP.Net Performance Monitoring and Optimization

“This web page is slow” is a common and regular complaint about web sites, especially since web applications started replacing desktop applications. While the web brings some desirable characteristics such as global delivery, it also brings its share of challenges at the performance level. Read more

Announcing TypeScript 2.0 Beta

Today we’re excited to roll out our beta release of TypeScript 2.0. If you’re not familiar with TypeScript yet, you can start learning it today on our website. Read more

SQL Server 2016 Developer edition

Build any kind of application on top of SQL Server. Use the full feature set of SQL Server 2016 Enterprise edition to cost-effectively build, test, and demonstrate applications based on SQL Server software in a non-production environment. Read more

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