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Announcing September 2016 Updates for .NET Core 1.0
Today, we are releasing a set of reliability and quality updates for .NET Core 1.0. The quickest way to get the updates is to head over to and follow the updated install instructions for your operating system. You can download and install the update as an MSI for Windows, a PKG for macOS and updated zips and packages for Linux OSes. If you don’t yet have .NET Core, you can start with this release. It contains everything you need to get started.

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Books we recommend

Free ebook: Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure, Second Edition

We’re happy to announce the availability of our newest free ebook, Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure, Second Edition (ISBN 9781509302963), by Michael Collier and Robin Shahan

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Articles we enjoyed

What’s In Store for C# 7.0
As C# 7.0 gets nearer to the finish line, C# Program Manager Mads Torgersen noted in a blog post that most of its new features "are coming alive" in the recent release of Visual Studio "15" Preview 4. For developers who have been taking the preview through its paces, what's generating the most excitement feature-wise are tuples and pattern matching.

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Xamarin – Cross-Platform Productivity with Xamarin
If you’re in Silicon Valley these days, you’ll notice that investors and developers alike are mostly conservative about the technologies they use. Most would hire an iOS developer first, followed (if they had enough funding) by an Android and/or a Windows developer. This approach is extremely inefficient, however, and leads to multiple code rewrites: iOS developers use Objective-C; Android developers use Java; Windows developers use C#. They rarely talk to each other, much less participate in code sharing, and this results in apps that are inconsistent across platforms—and usually millions of dollars wasted to support completely separate development branches and technologies. For an effective and consistent development strategy, using a cross-platform technology like Xamarin is the key to productivity.

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Building Your First Bot using Microsoft Bot Framework
Microsoft Bot Framework is a comprehensive  suite of tools and offering to build and deploy the conversational chat bots for your app users.  You can build and publish your intelligent bot that interacts naturally wherever your users are talking – from Skype, Facebook Messenger, Office 365 mail and other conversational medium. Read more about Bot framework over here..  In this post we will explore how to get it started.

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Videos we favorited

Code School .NET Path

Discover how .NET can help you build scalable, easy-to-maintain web applications.

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Programming with Python for Data Science by Microsoft

Traverse the data analysis pipeline using advanced visualizations in Python, and make machine learning start working for you.

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Introduction to React

If you’d like a demo-packed introduction to React, an open source JavaScript library popularized by Facebook, this course is for you. React allows developers to build reactive UI components that render HTML using a virtual DOM, which can simplify programming and improve performance. React components are typically written in a JavaScript extension language called JSX.

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