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Microsoft Ignite
Microsoft Ignite: Watch the live stream from your desk (September 26–30, 2016)

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Articles we enjoyed

Debugging BotFramework locally using ngrok
No doubt you’re already having lovely long conversations with your bot via Skype (or Facebook Messenger, or even SMS!) built using the botframework, and by using the Bot Emulator you can run your bot locally and debug it.

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DataScience for Developers: Build your first predictive model with R
As you have probably heard, ‘intelligent apps’ is the new black, today is easier than ever to enhance an application with features related to cognitive computing, neural networks or DataScience.

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Self-contained .NET Core Applications
Just in case you missed it, .NET is all open source now and .NET Core is a free, open source, cross-platform framework that you can download and start with in <10 minutes. You can get it on Mac, Windows, and a half-dozen Unixes at Take that along with the free, cross-platform Visual Studio Code and you'll be writing C# and F# all over the place.

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Making ASP.NET apps first-class citizens on Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform is known for many things: big data, machine learning and the global infrastructure that powers Google. What you might not know is how well we support applications built on ASP.NET, the open-source web application framework developed by Microsoft. Let’s change that right now.

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Videos we favorited

The Xamarin Show 1: Sharing Code Across iOS, Android, and Windows

Welcome to The Xamarin Show, your weekly native cross-platform mobile development show with your host James Montemagno. Each week join James and his guests as they discuss building mobiles apps, integrating SDKs, extending mobile apps, the latest Xamarin news, awesome apps developers are building, and so much more. On this weeks episode we take a look at how to share code across iOS, Android, and all of the Windows platforms. There are many strategies to help share code across a single application or across several applications and we explore all of them!

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Using DevOps to Drive Organizational Agility and Innovation

Industry analyst Ben Kepes provides insights on how integrating DevOps practices enables organizations to deliver business outcomes more rapidly. He discusses how DevOps is more about culture and communication than technology alone—and how to foster a culture across an organization that supports agility and innovation. He explains how agility can be further enhanced by a heterogeneous development environment, automation tools, and a cloud infrastructure. He ends by taking a look at the current and future state of DevOps and recommends steps an organization can take to become more agile.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Java Language Support for Visual Studio Code has landed

As of Friday, September 16th, we have released our Java language support extension to Visual Studio Code marketplace. This initial release comes with a modest feature list that will make VS Code more fun to use for Java developers. Read more

Xamarin – Cross-Platform Productivity with Xamarin

If you’re in Silicon Valley these days, you’ll notice that investors and developers alike are mostly conservative about the technologies they use. Most would hire an iOS developer first, followed (if they had enough funding) by an Android and/or a Windows developer. Read more

16 New Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio

The summer may be coming to an unwelcome end -- except to those of us looking forward to fall colors and skiing -- but there's been no let up in the release of new tools and extensions for Visual Studio. That includes the first trickle of extensions specifically for the upcoming Visual Studio 15. I've pulled together a round-up of 16 new contributions to the Visual Studio Gallery that range from project templates to security toolsets to simple utilities that make you more productive. Bonus: They're all free. Read more

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

What is PASS Summit?

PASS Summit is the conference for technical data professionals who utilize the Microsoft Data Platform. Offering sessions to suit all learning styles and training needs, PASS Summit's educational program is specifically designed for those who want to do more with their SQL Server and Business Intelligence implementations. Read more

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite: Watch the live stream from your desk (September 26–30, 2016) Read more

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