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Articles we enjoyed

I’m currently writing a range of blog posts about ASP.NET Core. This is a cross post of AppSettings in ASP.NET Core from the blog.

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This article shows how a website search could be implemented using Angular 2, ASP.NET Core and Elasticsearch. Most users expect autocomplete and a flexible search like some of known search websites.

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Using dotnet watch test for continuous testing with .NET Core and
When teaching .NET Core I do a lot of "dotnet new" Hello World demos to folks who've never seen it before. That has it's place, but I also wanted to show how easy it is to get setup with Unit Testing on .NET Core.

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Azure Service Fabric Patterns and Practices
If you’re looking at building large-scale microservices using Azure Service Fabric, don’t miss this live event, where you can learn from the experts who designed and built this platform as a service (PaaS). Get started with proper architecture, and then learn how to optimize resources for your application.

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.NET Core – Getting started with GIT and VSCode via Visual Studio Team Services
In this post I show how to use Visual Studio Team Services (formerly Visual Studio Online) to create a GIT repository to host a .NET Core project created using Visual Studio Code. It is valid to say that VSTS allows you to create projects for several languages, IDEs and platforms.

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Videos we favorited

Introduction to ASP.NET Core 1.0

Ready to get the basics on ASP.NET Core 1.0 and learn the foundational skills that employers are looking for? Join experts Scott Hanselman and Maria Naggaga, and find out how to build .NET Core applications on any operating system.

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SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio

In this episode, Dmitry is joined by Kevin Cunnane to give an overview of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Visual Studio, a fully integrated SQL Server development environment. In this video we'll demonstrate capabilities such as importing T-SQL into your solution, IntelliSense, table designers, data and schema compare capabilities, and much more.

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The Xamarin Show 7: Continuous C# & F# IDE for iPad with Frank Krueger

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Frank Krueger, independent app developer, who shows us Continuous, a Professional C# & F# IDE for iPad, that Frank developers in F# with Xamarin. Continuous enables any developer to write full Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Forms applications interactively with a live REPL that is always debugging your code. Continuous works with C# and F# to build not only applications, but libraries and scripts that can easily be exported. Frank talks about his inspiration for Continuous, open source technology that enabled the creation of Continuous, and to get started using Continuous with some live coding.

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Libraries and Tools to the rescue

ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, EF Core 1.1 Updates In Preview

A number of significant changes are coming to an incremental update for ASP.NET Core 1.1, which can be tested out in the initial preview release being rolled out this week. Highlights among the laundry list of changes is the addition of several middleware component for URL rewriting, response caching and compression, MVC filters, and providers for Azure App Service logging and Azure Key Vault. .NET Core is also being released, but with less ambitious plans. Read more

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