dotNET Weekly Date: 2016-Nov-29 Week: 48 Year: 2016
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Articles we enjoyed

Let's learn about Microsoft.Extensions.Logging from an example.

JavaScript IntelliSense in Visual Studio 2017 RC will now display much more useful information on parameter and member lists.

We know that many developers choose Visual Studio because of its powerful, yet natural, productivity features that help you stay “in the zone”.

A little over 2 years ago Microsoft announced that they were open sourcing large parts of the .NET framework and as Scott Hanselman said in his recent Connect keynote, the community has been contributing in a significant way

Visual Studio 2015 provides a plethora of features that make you more productive. One such feature that beginners often miss is converting XML or JSON markup into C# classes. This article discusses this feature with a few examples.

Back in December 2015, I discussed the designing of C# 7.0 ( A lot has changed over the last year, but the team is now buttoning down C# 7.0 development, and Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate is implementing virtually all of the new features. (I say virtually because until Visual Studio 2017 actually ships, there’s always a chance for further change.) For a brief overview, you can check out the summary table at In this article I’m going to explore each of the new features in detail.

If you want to be more productive, you have to save more time or more effort on the tasks you perform every day. Visual Studio 2017 RC boosts your productivity with automated tasks and improved navigation, as well as with immediate feedback on the quality and state of your code.

Microsoft Cognitive Services are is now generally available as a service in the Azure portal at

The usual route for any small business is to setup a WordPress site, buy a template and get online. Nothing wrong with that, however, most hosting companies usually start at $8-10 dollar a month. A fully functional WordPress site is great, however most websites are pretty static and don’t really need all the bells and whistles that come with it.

Just a quick tip on using Visual Studio for Mac and how environment variables should work. not sure this is the right channel to send my contributions, so please let me know otherwise.

Videos we favorited
.NET Productivity Improvements
.NET Productivity Improvements
In this brief overview, we present some of the new productivity features to come for Microsoft .NET in Visual Studio 2017, including improvements in debugging, unit testing, live code analysis, and IntelliSense.

Connect(); // 2016 on demand
Connect(); // 2016 on demand
Join the Connect(); 2016 live stream to watch keynotes and deep dive technical sessions led by Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie, Principal Program Manager Scott Hanselman, and other industry innovators.

Libraries and Tools to the rescue

There are some Visual Studio Code extensions that we recommend to .NET developers right off the bat. These are our top five!

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

If you’d like to learn how to architect solutions in Cortana Intelligence Suite and how to build intelligence into your applications, be sure to check out this event. Join Microsoft Architects Todd Kitta and Jin Cho to step through building an end-to-end solution using the Microsoft cloud data platform. Roll up your sleeves to get hands-on with the platform, and end the day with a working web app. Todd and Jin pause their instruction to give you time to work through the project with them and to ask questions.