dotNET Weekly Date: 2016-Dec-13 Week: 50 Year: 2016
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Articles we enjoyed

Storing data directly within the browser has a lot of benefits, the main one being quick and network-independent access to a "database".

This project is going to show you that a modern Core I7 is probably the slowest piece of programmable hardware you have in your PC. Modern Quad Core CPUs have about 6 Gflops whereas modern GPUs have about 6Tflops of computational power.

In a previous article, I described how to create the minimal ASP.NET Core 1.0 app. That is, what’s the smallest amount of code you could write to produce an ASP.NET Core application?

When Xamarin.Forms debuted less than three years ago, application programmers immediately recognized it as a powerful and versatile solution for cross-platform mobile development.

Visual Studio 2017 RC (previously known as Dev “15”) is now available. There is a lot of stuff for C++ to love in this release.

This post is about the concept of middleware in Core. We have named the post Error Logging Middleware in ASP.NET Core, because we want to use error logging as an example of utilizing middleware.

Nowadays, RESTful APIs are the standard way of exposing backends to applications. They allow you to share your business logic between different clients with a low level of coupling through a super-standardized protocol: HTTP.

Developing a web application today is probably one of the best times to ever do so, at least, if you can figure out how to get your environment set up. Frameworks like Angular, Aurelia, React, and countless others are incredible tools, but there's a learning curve to make them do your bidding.

In this blog post we are going to leave about how to Speed Up Performance Without Code Change or Configuration Change in SQL Server. This blog post is going to be a fun and quick read.

This post is in my Fat Controller CQRS Diet series demonstrating how to thin your controllers by implementing commands and queries using the MediatR library.

Videos we favorited
Microsoft SQL Database Development
Microsoft SQL Database Development
Learn skills for database development beyond just creating a table with rows and columns using the standard query language (SQL).

What’s New in F# 4.1
What’s New in F# 4.1
Learn about the new F# 4.1 features.

Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Today we announced an update to Visual Studio 2017 RC that includes a variety of improvements for both ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core projects.

I get a lot of requests from people for data from Have I been pwned (HIBP) that they can analyse. The answer has always been "no". However, as part of HIBP's 3rd birthday celebrations, I am going to share data with you, quite a lot of it.

The DocumentDB .NET Core Preview SDK enables you to build fast, cross-platform ASP.NET Core and .NET Core apps to run on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

At the Microsoft Connect(); keynote in New York this morning, we made some significant announcements about Xamarin Test Cloud, namely that we now support the Appium framework and that Visual Studio Mobile Center (Preview) is the next generation of Xamarin Test Cloud.

a UI toolkit for WPF