dotNET Weekly Date: 2017-Mar-09 Week: 10 Year: 2017
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1) Live dependency validation, code navigation, IntelliSense, refactoring, and code fixes.
2) Live Unit Testing, Exception Helpers.
3) Integration with all of your .NET Core, Azure applications, services, Docker containers, and more.
4) Directly manage your team projects hosted by any provider, including Visual Studio Team Services, Team Foundation Server, or GitHub.
5) With Xamarin’s advanced debugging, profiling tools, and unit test generation features, it’s faster and easier than ever for you to build, connect, and tune native mobile apps.
6) Visual Studio is packed with tons of performance enhancements. Noticeable startup time. Lower memory footprint.
7) Safely automate database deployments from Visual Studio.

Articles we enjoyed

Visual Studio 2017 makes you more productive by getting you to your code fast and helping you write code quickly. With improvements to performance, navigation, and debugging as well as the additions of new refactorings, code style configuration/enforcement, and live unit testing, the VS 2017 release is chock full of advancements. This post shows you how to take full advantage of these features.

Building and deploying a hybrid cloud platform for your applications will make it easier for you and your business to build new applications that will add to the business’s topline.

Visual Studio 2017 is released today and I thought it was a good time to reflect on my thoughts about one of the main changes it brings for ASP.NET Core developers.

I recently discovered, produced by the hyper productive Scott Helme. scans your website and make suggestions to which HTTP response headers to add in order to improve security

Side effects compromise the understandability and correctness of code. A method that mutates global or static variables has side effects. A method that mutates some of its parameters has side effects. If you want to understand a piece of code, you have to go through the code of all methods that are called and have side effects. Methods with side effects require thread synchronization to execute correctly when there are multiple threads.

With Azure Application Insights you can monitor performance and usage of your apps. With a little snippet of JavaScript you can get timings of page loads and AJAX calls, counts and details of browser exceptions and AJAX failures, as well as users and session counts. To learn more how to get started you can visit our documentation.

I believe that you need to always play with the latest technologies to be great in what you are doing.

There are several reasons why it makes sense to build super-lightweight HTTP services (or, despite all the baggage the word brings, “microservices”).

Visual Studio is one of the best IDEs out there and in this post you 'll get a behind-the-scenes look at Microsoft and its developer technologies—then and now–as told by some of the people who have experienced it—are still experiencing it—first hand.

Videos we favorited
Mastering Azure App Service, Part 4: Building Azure Mobile Apps
Mastering Azure App Service, Part 4: Building Azure Mobile Apps
Ready to build the next great mobile app? Learn how Azure Mobile Apps can do the hard work for you. In this last in a four-part series on Mastering Azure App Service from Wintellect and Microsoft, see how Azure Mobile Apps make it easier to build rich mobile apps that support authentication, authorization, offline operation, push notifications, and more.

Video Review: Getting Started with ASP.NET Core by Ugo Lattanzi
Video Review: Getting Started with ASP.NET Core by Ugo Lattanzi
Syncfusion has partnered with Succinctly series author Ugo Lattanzi to create a new ASP.NET Core beginner video series.

Xamarin University Webinar Series
Xamarin University Webinar Series
Whether you’ve built a few Xamarin apps or are just getting started, join Xamarin University’s team of mobile experts for demos, best practices, and live Q & A. You’ll leave each session ready to build amazing native mobile apps, completely in C#.

Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Now is an exciting time to work with developer tools. With a 25% increase in monthly active users of Visual Studio, 1.3 million active monthly users of Visual Studio Code, and a two-fold increase in active users of our Mac IDEs, I think our customers are excited too.

We’ve added new Git features to Visual Studio 2017 that allow you to do more of your end-to-end workflow without leaving the IDE. You can perform a force push to complete a rebase or push an amended commit, easily view the diff for outgoing commits, unset your upstream branch, and continue patch rebase from VS. Additionally, because we moved to git.exe–which allows us to provide the most up-to-date features–we support SSH, respect your config options, and show in Team Explorer exactly what you see in the command line. Learn more about all of our Git features in Visual Studio and check out the Visual Studio release notes for what’s new in Visual Studio 2017.

Cross-browser storage for all use cases • Used across the web • See below for v2.0 news!

The compiler that emits JavaScript you can be proud of!

This updated version of the extension will now allow you to right-click on any supported file (i.e. HTML, CSHTML, etc.) and you'll see a Glyphfriend context menu containing all of the supported libraries.

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Excited about the online Visual Studio Launch on March 7? Come back on March 8, and dive even deeper! Get free and in-depth interactive training, covering both application and web development topics. Learn from some of our best instructors, coming together from Xamarin University, Microsoft Virtual Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Treehouse, MVPs, and Microsoft engineering product teams.

Join us for a free technical training session covering the latest Microsoft tools and services. You’ll learn new skills, tackle challenging puzzles and help complete a mission on Mars. No pressure.

The next two months we have an all-star set of webinars for your viewing and listening pleasure!