dotNET Weekly Date: 2017-Jun-27 Week: 26 Year: 2017
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Articles we enjoyed

In CQRS in Azure Part 1, CQRS was defined and context was provided to explain why the pattern is relevant to building solutions in Azure.

When writing ASP.NET Core MVC web applications, you may want to test that controller actions behave in the expected way, for example that the action returns the correct result type (e.g. a ViewResult) or that the action behaves as expected when the model state is invalid.

Microsoft and the .NET community have made asynchronous programming very easy with their implementation of async await in C#. The latest versions of ASP.NET heavily utilize it to improve performance.

There are things we don’t want to make public in an ASP.NET project. The best example are the database credentials that we can often find in configuration files as plain text.

One of the most commonly implemented interfaces in .NET is the IDisposable interface. Classes implement IDisposable when they contain references to unmanaged resources, such as window handles, files or sockets.

When adding or modifying a large number of records (10³ and more), the Entity Framework performance is far from perfect.

Videos we favorited
Rider: Taking ReSharper out of Process (Matt Ellis at .NET SW)
Rider: Taking ReSharper out of Process (Matt Ellis at .NET SW)
In this talk, we won’t be looking at Rider (a new cross platform .NET IDE from JetBrains, integrating the language analysis features of ReSharper inside the IDE functionality of IntelliJ)’s feature set. Instead, let’s geek out and see how and why we built our own custom, asynchronous, declarative, reactive, inter-process, cross runtime communications protocol.

Libraries and Tools to the rescue

The Visual Studio debugger is a magical beast that can save you loads of time while finding and fixing issues in your application. In this post we explore  7 lesser known goodies you can use to help you debugging.

Bundle Transformer - a modular extension for the System.Web.Optimization (also known as the Microsoft ASP.NET Web Optimization Framework). StyleTransformer and ScriptTransformer classes, included in the core of Bundle Transformer and implement the IBundleTransform interface. They are intended to replace the standard classes: CssMinify and JsMinify.

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Let’s face it. Preparing for a big presentation can be pretty daunting, no matter how many times you’ve done it.

We’re thrilled to announce that our third annual Microsoft Edge Web Summit is coming to Seattle on September 13th, 2017!