dotNET Weekly Date: 2017-Jan-17 Week: 03 Year: 2017
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Articles we enjoyed

Because we have been blessed with a cross-platform version of dotnet, and after seeing a few requests for C# environment setup guides, this article is going to…do just that: Install a C# development environment on Linux.

My intent in all this is to create a proof of concept service that emulates the Azure Mobile Apps service, but using Azure Functions and the dynamic (or consumption-based) SKU.

With .NET Core you can build applications that run on operating systems like Linux, Windows and MacOS as well as on the cloud. This is especially interesting for web applications that you can build with ASP.NET Core.

Microsoft announced this morning that it has acquired Maluuba, a Toronto startup focused on using deep learning for natural language processing.

As we talk to businesses and governments who are looking to take advantage of these new capabilities, we see significant value being created when leading organizations start using intelligent bots to transform business processes such as customer services, helpdesks, and even factory floor operations.

Getting up and running with .NET Console applications is really easy with Visual Studio Code. In this post we get started with a simple ASP.NET Core project using Yeoman and the .NET Core CLI and we use using Visual Studio Code for debugging.

Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Today I am announcing prettier, a JavaScript formatter inspired by refmt with advanced support for language features from ES2017, JSX, and Flow.

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

Are you familiar with #virtualnetworks in the #cloud yet? Learn more w/ this free #Microsoft #Azure training course