dotNET Weekly Date: 2017-Aug-01 Week: 31 Year: 2017
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Articles we enjoyed

Steve Sanderson has previously blogged about how his goal is to make ASP.NET Core the best backend choice for single-page applications (SPAs) built with frameworks such as Angular and React.

Secrets are a first-class citizen in Docker. They're for storing sensitive application data, like API keys and connection strings. Secrets have been in Docker on Linux for a while, and with Docker version 17.06 they're coming to Windows.

I love async/await Task based programming! I talk about it in all my demos, it is in all my libraries, and Frank and I did a whole Merge Conflict podcast episode on it. The problem is that I keep getting bug reports and seeing samples where it is being abused and used completely wrong.

The story is a metaphor for change and the way we should cope with and adapt to it. I dare say that the first, perhaps unconfessed, sentiment that some developers feel about ASP.NET Core is dismay—like in this fable when the characters reach out to the cheese station only to find it empty.

With more people migrating to .NET Core and from AngularJS 1.x to Angular 2+, these technologies have become essential, along with other Microsoft technologies in Web API and Azure DocumentDB.

Working with UWP apps on Windows? Find out how to package and deploy them to devices from the command line with Cake.

The Peachpie PHP compiler project joined the .NET Foundation this week and I'm trying to get my head around it. PHP in .NET? PHP on .NET? Under .NET? What compiles to what? Why would I want this? How does it work? Does it feel awesome or does it feel gross?

Containers have fundamentally changed the way developers develop their applications, the way applications are deployed, and the way system administrators manage their environments.

Can someone make .NET Core better with a simple global command? Fanie Reynders did and he did it in a simple and elegant way.

The .NET Team has been producing guidance for building microservices and container based applications, web applications and Xamarin.Forms mobile apps.

Videos we favorited
Introduction to Web Accessibility | edX
Introduction to Web Accessibility | edX
In today’s Internet-driven world, accessibility is a critical requirement for any web application. After all, what good is the technology that connects us all, if all of us can’t connect with it?

Libraries and Tools to the rescue

A way to quickly generate a progressive web app that uses Angular 4, .NET Core, and Entity Framework. This application can be added to your desktop, or homescreen on iOS or Android devices.

Who has ever tested their WebAPI knows such tools as Postman or Advanced REST (extensions for Chrome). These tools are convenient in every way, except that they are not able to recognize which models the API accepts, which ones it returns and do not provide information about all possible endpoints. The Swashbuckle package solves this disadvantage.

The Composition APIs empower Universal Windows Platform (UWP) developers to do beautiful and powerful things when they access the Visual Layer. In the Windows 10 Creators Update, we made working with the Visual Layer much easier with new, powerful APIs.