dotNET Weekly Date: 2017-Jan-31 Week: 05 Year: 2017
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Articles we enjoyed

I very much like the ASP.NET Cache and the more generally usable MemoryCache collections: They let me build up a set of objects (typically drawn from a database) that I can use in my application. Of course, those objects take up room in memory, which is too bad -- especially if the computer is running short on memory. However, the nice thing about these two caching objects is that they discard items in the collection when memory gets tight.

Are you remembering to keep up with your New Year’s Resolutions? Using C#, Azure Functions and Twilio we’ll build a service that delivers daily SMS reminders to help keep up with those new goals.

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 RC3 it is now possible to attach to .NET Core processes running on Linux over SSH. In this blog post, Andy Sterland describes the steps you need to take to set this up.

In this article, Christian Nagel is showing what changes and how can you solve some issues, when using Visual Studio 2017 RC, with side-by-side installation of Visual Studio 2015, to work on .NET Core projects.

There's a lot going on in the .NET space, so Scott Hanselman and Jon Galloway creates a list of things, that can be used as a study guide and glossary, to help current .net developer stay up-to-date.

Image processing, and in particular image resizing, is a common requirement for web applications. As such, Bertrand Le Roy paints a panorama of the options that exist for .NET Core to process images and concludes with a comparison of the performance of the libraries, in terms of speed, size, and quality of the output.

In today’s post, we’re covering how PC software can leverage the rich functionality of Windows 10.

Since June 2016, VSTS support ssh protocol for Git repository which is really easier to connect to your repos with a secure ssh key than with https. But there is a big problem, SSH protocol is not supported in git for Visual Studio!

String functions, integer functions ... booorrring! Tuples in C# 7.0 -- let's explore what makes them infinitely more exciting.

As .NET Core and ASP.NET Core make the transition from project.json style project files to MSBuild (csproj) style files, Nate McMaster presents a walk-through guide on what's needed and what's changing.

Videos we favorited
Roslyn and .NET Core: C# code generation with Visual Studio for Mac
Roslyn and .NET Core: C# code generation with Visual Studio for Mac
In this second video, learn how to create a .NET Core app on Mac OS with Visual Studio for Mac and how to perform Roslyn code generation invoking the C# compiler.

Libraries and Tools to the rescue

We just released updates to the .NET Core SDK, .NET Native Tools and NuGet, all of which are included in Visual Studio 2017 RC. You can also install the .NET Core SDK for command-line use, on Windows, Mac and Linux. Please check out the ASP.NET blog to learn more about Web Tools updates and the Visual Studio blog for the Visual Studio 2017 RC update.