dotNET Weekly Date: 2017-Feb-14 Week: 07 Year: 2017
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Voice of the editors

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Books we recommend
Free ebook: Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Free ebook: Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016
We're happy to announce the availability of a new free ebook, Data Science with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (ISBN 9781509304318), by Buck Woody, Danielle Dean, Debraj GuhaThakurta, Gagan Bansal, Matt Conners, & Wee-Hyong Tok. Enjoy!

Articles we enjoyed

Today marks the 15th anniversary since .NET debuted to the world. On February 13th, 2002, the first version of .NET was released as part of Visual Studio.NET. It seems just like yesterday when Microsoft was building its “Next Generation Windows Services” and unleashed a new level of productivity with Visual Studio.NET.

The journey of re-targeting an ASP.NET Core application onto .NET Core

All of the content on this blog, as well as the documentation site, are hosted as static content on GitHub Pages.

My main motivation for running Suave inside ASP.NET Core was to benefit from the speed and power of Kestrel while still being able to build a web application in a functional approach.

Yeah, title is long but nevertheless you get the point of what I’m going to describe. So, to cut a long story short, last weekend I attended a hackathon where my teammates and I built a PoC of a movie quiz chat bot.

Videos we favorited
How to Use Azure Functions from the Azure Portal
How to Use Azure Functions from the Azure Portal
Short 4-minute video showing how to get started with Azure Functions from the Azure Portal. First in a series of videos focused on going serverless with Azure Functions.

Docker – New .NET Core tooling
Docker – New .NET Core tooling
In this week's episode on .NET, Kendra Havens, Rich Lander, Bertrand Le Roy talks about .net, run ASP.NET in a docker image and have a look at some of the changes in the .NET core .csproj tooling.

Libraries and Tools to the rescue

Box has released a major update to its .NET SDK and added support for .NET Core. You can read more here:

The Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio is a new extension for Visual Studio 2017 that brings DevOps capabilities to the IDE.  In this post, you 'll learn about some key features and configuration to get you started.

We are excited to announce the availability of an in-browser query tool that provides you an efficient way to execute queries on your Azure SQL Databases and SQL Data Warehouses without leaving the Azure Portal.

Events/Webinars/Seminars you shouldn't miss

We’re excited to announce that Visual Studio 2017 will be available for download on Tuesday, March 7, 2017!